Hotels At Stansted Airport

An Attorney’s Guide to Hotels Near the Stansted Airport

Hotels At Stansted Airport

An Attorney’s Guide to Hotels Near the Stansted Airport



Stansted Airport News

Closest to Airport: Radison Blu Hotel London Stansted Airport

Address: Waltham Close London Stansted Airprot Stansted CM24 1PP, United Kingdom

Notes: Very Interesting wine structure in the middle the hotel dinning area. It is very close walking distance from the airport.

Averages about $130 - $160 a night

Perfect location if you do not have a car. Fast internet 22mbps. Worth spending the extra money. Occasionally people would complain about the service being slow. It the fast paced world of an attorney this might be an issue.


Tel: +44 1279 661012

Reviews: 27 reviews that were mostly positive. Some people left positive sounding reviews however may not have noticed the star option before hitting submit. If you do not select 1 to 5 stars google default to one star. We also noticed that those who gave 5 star reviews did not take the time to explain their views. Those who wrote more lengthy reviews were more reserved in rating the full 5 stars.

“Great service.  Really good internet (22mbps)!  Wine wall is very novel and entertaining.  Streak restaurant a little pricey but very good food/service.  Location is the best if you are flying from Stansted.  Overall, worth the extra £20 over the cheaper alternatives.”

“ Service was very slow yesterday and they forgot a drink I ordered which gets annoying. Lovely hotel and I was only there for lunch but wasn't great service.”

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Worst Review

3 Great Hotels for Lawyers Near the Stansted Airport

Practicing international law often requires frequent traveling. While the office is the most ideal place to work there are those time when even the professional become stranded. Not always from bad weather or canceled flights, there are those frustrating times in limbo where we are waiting on a decision from a client or insurance company. Some of these things can leave you stranded for weeks at a time. Why not be comfortable?

it is important that you have access to three things during this time: a fax machine, Internet, and good cellphone reception. The following hotels offer exactly that and more.

Quick Bio:

I decided to separate the best hotels that specialize in accommodating lawyers and business professionals in Stansted. I know when I have been flying for a extended period of time, the last thing I want to do is stay in a terrible hotel. I run a blog on so I need to be able to concentrate on my work. The following 3 hotels are the ones I would recommend if you have a layover in Stansted. (Personally, I would prefer the Hilton due to the spa)

I suspect he enjoyed his stay but was looking for something a bit more for what he was spending. One thing that has been consistent with these reviews is the proximity of the hotel to the airport. Even if somebody absolutely hated the hotel they would still put something positive about it being close by.

It’s too bad there is not a separate ratings page for the restaurant. It is possible that he was there during rush hour or they were simply understaffed that day. Management put a lot of money into making the place look great. I would recommend they further look into staff training or hiring more people. This was not the only review where the service was poor.

Best Budget: Holiday Inn Express London Stansted Airport

Overview: Unless you have a tight budget, this would probably not be ideal for lawyers that are planning to stay for an extended period of time.

Address: Thremhall Ave Stansted, Essex CM24 1PY United Kingdom

Notes: Standard Holiday Inn Express structure. Nothing particular stands out.

Cost: Averages about $80 - $120 a night

Not as close at the radisson blu but they do have shuttles running from the hotel to the airport every 30 mins so if you do not have a car its not a big deal. Fast internet 22mbps. Worth spending the extra money. Occasionally people would complain about the service being slow.


Tel: +44 1279 680015

Reviews: 16 reviews that were middle ranged. 4 stars were the most common. Two complaints that stood out was the hotel actually charges for parking and that there was not much to do other than hang out at the bar or restaurant. I think I would make more sense to include parking with the cost of the room as most people despise paying for parking.

“Clean and nice room, quiet, good breakfast, convenient shuttle every 30 mins. Great experience.”

Best Review

I like this because it is short and simple. I don’t think he was expecting a whole lot from the hotel and just needed a cheap place to stay. Probably was not there for very long.

“  First time I have been charged for parking at a hotel and last time I shall be staying at Holiday Inn Express. No mention of this charge prior to booking on line. Would it be that difficult to list it as an option when booking a room? Plain dishonest in my opinion and no need for it. The room was fine, and the air con cleared the stale air smell pretty quickly. Breakfast starts at 6am so if you have an early flight you can forget that”

Worst Review

It sounds like not mentioning the paying for parking with the online booking may have been out of the hotel’s hands. There are so many sites that book hotels without giving the fine details. I noticed many poor online reviews tend to stray off topic. What most people would want to know is how your actual experience with the hotel was. Overall they were fine with the room that was given to them.

Most Comfortable: Hilton London Stansted Airport hotel

Address: Round Coppice Rd Stansted CM24 1SF

Notes: Nice exterior. Modern furnishing. Relaxing.

Cost: Averages about $111 - $140 a night

Farther away with shuttle access Hotel looks very presentable. Has a pool and sauna. Fast internet 22mbps. Reveiws commonly refer to staff as friendly. Worth spending the extra money. Occasionally people would complain about the service being slow.


Tel: +44 1279 680800

Reviews: 20 reviews that were mostly 5 stars. Sounds like a good place to stay if you a lawyer stranded in a new city. There was a review that complained about booking a meeting room and another that complained about paying for the breakfast food.

“ Was very surprised. Very quiet considering how close it is to the airport. The front desk service was excellent: friendly, helpful and professional. The room was really nice and tidy and the bathroom was great. The pool and saunas were perfect. Exactly what was needed after the traveling. The provision of towels could have been a little more straightforward, but nothing to really complain about. The whole atmosphere is so relaxed and welcoming. There is a small outside area to sit and drink/ eat relax in. It would be really nice if this was bigger to accommodate more guests but was still lovely. The largest complaint was having to wait for 30mins for a cocktail, which, when it arrived, had no alcohol in it. Another one was provided another 15mins or so later free of charge. Took a very long time. Other than that, a great experience and will be back again!”

Best Review

I appreciate reviews like these. He actually reviews the hotel itself. Especially when he mentions the cocktail with no alcohol. The hotel quickly fixed their error with a free cocktail.

“   i stayed here in december 2011, and what a rubbish hilton. I expected quality, and good service. i recieved non of these. This is probably why the price is cheaper then expected. Rooms are sooooo standard, resturant food was ok but overpriced. Other hotels in area are much better and better priced. In jan 2012 i tryed less known hotels......”

Worst Review

Of course the rooms are standard. It’s a Hilton hotel. My guess is they stayed in a standard room. If they wanted to stay in a nicer room they should have paid for it.

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